Dynamic Ramming - Steel Pipe Ramming - HDD assist


Dynamic Ramming - Steel Pipe Ramming

The pneumatically powered TERRA-Rams can drive steel pipes up to 3'000 mm diameter horizontally, inclined or vertically into the ground.

TERRA Rams are attached to the end of the pipe. The energy transfer occurs through ram rings having a positive stop for 100% energy transfer. Depending on ground conditions, distances in excess of 100 meters are frequently achieved.

The steep pipe is open at its front end while being driven, allowing soil to enter. Upon completion of the installation, the soil inside the pipe is cleared out by either hydraulic pneumatic forces using special facilities or augering.

Since steel pipe ramming does not displace a significant quantity of soil nor leaving voids, it can be executed even at shallow depths.

HDD assist

Assisting technology for backreaming steelpipes during horizontal directional drilling. TERRA rams can proceed the ramming speed and the backreaming lengths of HDD drilling drastically. The dynamic hammering prevents a stop of backreaming of the steel pipe.


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