Trenchless Technology HDD drilling machines and piercing tools


Our experienced staff offers training for your crews available on the jobsite or in the classroom. With our insider knowledge we make you run your drill like no one else. Your crew will be faster, more productive and more efficient on the jobsite. After the successfull training you will receive a TERRA certificate which allows you to operate the machine on its best.

Theory and practice

Well-trained operators are an important cornerstone for successful deployment. The comprehensive theoretical training in the training room includes topics on process engineering, machine technology and how to handle your newly acquired machine. Your crew will be made familiar on request at the site. Well-trained staff pays off for your investments in machines.

Boreplaner software

TERRA offers a user friendly bore planer software that allows to plan your jobsite in advance. You can implement existing pipes next to your drill path and simulate different drilling scenarios such as overcrossings of streets, rivers or house foundations. The bore planers gives you all neccessary datas for each drill rod such as bending radius, drilling depth or inclination.


After successful completion of the theoretical and practical training, you will receive from us a TERRA certificate that entitles you to operate your machine professionally.


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