Trenchless Technology HDD drilling machines and piercing tools
Rental equipment


It is not always worthwhile to buy your own mole or drill rig. For short assignments, you can hire the appropriate trenchless technology from us. We always have a large selection of demonstration equipment ready for you. The machines can be rented with and without operating staff.

You pay a rental rate per time and a handling fee.

When buying new machines or second-hand equipment, we accept rental rates as payment according to arrangements with the purchase.

Rental moles - easy operation

We have moles in many diameters for rent available.

The operation of the moles is very easy, so that your staff can be briefed in a short time.

The accuracyt, the easy 1/4 turn around the hose, and the gentle entry of the mole into the ground makes it easy even for less experienced operators to quickly deploy our rockets reliably.

Rental drill rigs

Directional drilling rigs and pit drilling rigs are also available on request for your short-term projects.

We rent the machines to proven, trained personnel who have sufficient experience in directional drilling technology. If you do not have suitable staff, you can also hire operators from us.

Renting the rig also makes it easier for you to select the right rig before you buy.

We accept a short-term rent as payment when buying.

Rental cable bursters

Also cable bursters you can rent from us.

The use of the correct tool is particularly important when bursting. We determine the cutting tools for your project matching your old pipe diameter and recommend the right bursting technique.


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